The Interview!

•January 29, 2009 • Leave a Comment

For our first real writing project in E-zine we were told that we were going to write a feature story. In order to write a feature story, the writer needs to interview someone. 

The theme of my group’s magazine is pop culture, so, my interview had to be somewhat about pop culture. A friend of mine, Wells, who actually attends my school, is in a band. He’s the drummer for the Diving Captain. Once I thought about writing an interview, I knew he’d be perfect to interview. 

Having liked the band prior to knowing Wells, or being assigned this assignment, the interview would be a little bit easier. The angle of my story is going to be the fact that they’re a local band or the fact that they first started making music as young people.

I decided to ask Wells for an interview, he agreed, then I set up the interview. I came up with a handful of  questions that I thought were good to ask, although, I must admit the questions where somewhat generic. 

The interview actually took place yesterday (1/28/09) and I thought it went well, even if I was nervous. The next step is to write the actual article.

Wish me luck!

New Section:

As I’ve mentioned, I am very into music, I have decided to add a weekly song recommendation! My favorite song for this week is: “Tuning In” by Hadouken!, check it out.


What do you want?

•January 20, 2009 • 3 Comments

Recently, e-zine students were asked a question. What do you want to learn in e-zine?

To me, this is a very relevant question. I know what I want to learn, whether I am going to get the chance to learn it or not is a different story. I am not at all handy with computers, in any way, shape, or form. Being a part of the generation that I am in, this is somewhat pathetic.

Children in my age, generally, know all about computers. In E-zine, I hope to learn more things about computers, something that I can use later on as my computer experiences continue on. Along with learning new things about the computer, I’d like to improve my writing, like I mentioned in my previous blog. 

I’ll have to wait and see if what I want to get out of e-zine is actually fulfilled.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

•January 9, 2009 • 3 Comments

Hello, all!

This is the first time I have ever created a blog, so, bear with me!

Not only do I hope to receive good grades with every blog that I write, but I hope to keep documentation of my writing skills. As the semester goes on, I will be, hopefully, learning new techniques to better my writing skills. If new writing skills are obtained and documented, I will be able to look back at my previous writings and see a difference. This will be a type of online scrapbook!

Writing things about myself for people, other than close friends, is somewhat of an odd feeling to me. With that being said, I am going to try and write about a broad spectrum of things, however, I might end up  posting somewhat personal blogs sometimes. 

I am very passionate about music, so, there might be quite a few posts having to deal with musicians, songs/ pieces of music, and or instruments. I suggest that if, for some odd reason, you’re the type of person who either dislikes music or doesn’t want to read about music, then don’t read this blog!

Thanks for reading,