Pictures are powerful.

Today (4/14/09), my E-zine class was asked to view a few photo essays and then answer some questions about them.

Photo Essay link:,29307,1889603,00.html

This photo essay was about the huge earthquake that hit Italy recently.

*What caught your attention about this photo essay?
Of course the pictures are powerful, that’s the reason they are in the photo essay, but a few pictures in particular stood out to me. The main one was a picture of three people. The three people seemed to be related, perhaps a young man with his parents or grandparents. The three of them were all huddled together and had a huge blanket wrapped around themselves. Their faces, however, were the most captivating. Each of the three had a different look upon their face; the old man had his face pressed against the shoulder of the young man, his face looking serene. To me, this portrayed that he was thankful for getting out alive and relieved to be with his family. The older woman had a face of disbelief, the look in her eyes said that she just couldn’t figure it out. The young man looked slightly worried, and pensive. Perhaps he was thinking about the others. 

*What is the “theme” of the photo essay? Explain how at least three of the photos in the series contribute to the theme without being redundant.
Being that this is a photo essay about a recent earthquake that struck Italy, of course the theme is about the devastation. In my mind, what I took from this photo essay was that it wasn’t solely about the devastation. It was also about the people, their feelings and thoughts. Maybe I looked at it in a different way, but it seemed to be about both devastation, destruction and the people.

Song for this  week blog:
“Organ Donor” by DJ Shadow


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