My life as told by a single photograph.


Taken by Erin DeConcini

Taken by Erin DeConcini

The photo above was a photo that I took at the end of Spring 2008. At the moment I believe this photo represents my life. I know this might sound strange, but I honestly think it does.

Although I might not necessarily portray it, I have had a shaky past. You might be thinking, “what does having a shaky past have anything to do with this flower picture?” Well, if you notice, in the background of the picture, it’s blurry.  This represents my life now because I have tried to blur out that shaky past of mine.  The pink flower represents how my life has started to blossom out into something great and beautiful.

I have begun to realize that my life can be better if I believe it will be.

Weekly Song Recommendation: 

“Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation


~ by erinpeaceofmind on January 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “My life as told by a single photograph.”

  1. This makes you sound extremely artistic. The picture is very cute, did you take it in photography??? But nice analysis, it is totally plausible about the way you compared your shaky past to the blurriness, i feel ya girlie.

  2. Very deep, thoughtful description and analysis. great picture too. nice symbolism. perhaps a bit of photoshopping (darkening/dimming background, highlighting flower) could make it even better

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