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Yes, I am talking about Helvetica the font face. In e-zine this past week we watched a movie about fonts, Helvetica being the main one.

You might not have noticed, but font plays a very important part in conveying a message. Different fonts are capable of manipulating your emotions to feel a different way. For instance, if I were to write something in Helvetica-type font, your mind would practically scream: CORPORATE. This font is very straight to the point and if I was to use the Curlz font my mind would think: GIRLY. 

For example, below are pictures of the American Airline logo and then a street sign. Both are written using the font called Helvetica, this makes sure that something seems uniform and professional. 

American Airlines are a company and it needs to look professional, and the street signs need to be legible and whatnot so, Helvetica is needed.

American Airlines was referenced in the movie as one company that is all for Helvetica, the street signs were also.




Pictures are powerful.

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Today (4/14/09), my E-zine class was asked to view a few photo essays and then answer some questions about them.

Photo Essay link:

This photo essay was about the huge earthquake that hit Italy recently.

*What caught your attention about this photo essay?
Of course the pictures are powerful, that’s the reason they are in the photo essay, but a few pictures in particular stood out to me. The main one was a picture of three people. The three people seemed to be related, perhaps a young man with his parents or grandparents. The three of them were all huddled together and had a huge blanket wrapped around themselves. Their faces, however, were the most captivating. Each of the three had a different look upon their face; the old man had his face pressed against the shoulder of the young man, his face looking serene. To me, this portrayed that he was thankful for getting out alive and relieved to be with his family. The older woman had a face of disbelief, the look in her eyes said that she just couldn’t figure it out. The young man looked slightly worried, and pensive. Perhaps he was thinking about the others. 

*What is the “theme” of the photo essay? Explain how at least three of the photos in the series contribute to the theme without being redundant.
Being that this is a photo essay about a recent earthquake that struck Italy, of course the theme is about the devastation. In my mind, what I took from this photo essay was that it wasn’t solely about the devastation. It was also about the people, their feelings and thoughts. Maybe I looked at it in a different way, but it seemed to be about both devastation, destruction and the people.

Song for this  week blog:
“Organ Donor” by DJ Shadow

Pulitzer Prize.

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This picture was taken by Dave Kennerly  in 1972. This was taken in Vietnam. I believe that this won a Pulitzer prize because it’s very simple yet captivating. This picture shows the devastation, somewhat. The burned and broken trees show how hard it is in the war. The soldier walking around, armed, kind of shows that it was very dangerous. I really like this picture because it  makes me think about how it probably was over in Vietnam.

Viva La Mexico!

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So, this past weekend (3/27-3/29/09) I went to Piedras Negras, Mexico. Now, I know what a lot of people might think, “Lucky! You got to skip a Friday to go on vacation in Mexico.” It’s not what you think, though. I didn’t go to Mexico for a vacation, or some time off. I went on a medical mission. 

A medical mission: you might not have heard of that before. A medical mission is when a group of medical professionals, and anyone else who wants to help,  get together to help people in a different country with medical care. This is typically through a Christian missionary. Now, I’m not Christian, I just wanted to help.

Piedras Negras isn’t the richest of towns, by any means. The nicest hotel in town is the Quality Inn, where we stayed, which is not considered a very nice hotel in the states. However, the hotel wasn’t the important part of my trip.

We woke up Saturday morning, bright and early in our hotel. We packed the medical supplies and headed to the clinic. When we arrived around 7:50 am, there were already patients waiting for medical attention. Because I don’t have a medical license, I was nicknamed the “Child Life Psychologist”. That basically means I entertained the little kids the entire trip. I couldn’t have asked for a better job, to be honest. 

I read to the kids, and hand them read to me. I even taught a little girl how to read. I also played games such as Simon says with the children, and colored pictures with them. Even though I performed such basic tasks, I still feel like I helped. I can tell the children greatly appreciated my presence, they told me so. May I remind you that I had to speak in Spanish ALL weekend, and it was hard to adjust back to English. Let’s just say, my Spanish has improved now.

It’s not so great to play favorites, but I did have favorites. Keila, 5, and her cousin, Dora, 3, were two of them. Those two  little girls were so adorable. Keila was originally scared to see the doctor, and her mother was being seen by another doctor at the time, and since I had been playing with Keila for about an hour, she was comfortable with me. Keila would NOT go into the doctor’s office without me there. I held her hand when she was scared, and everything turned out okay for her. 
So, even though I was only around these kids for two or three days, I feel as though there is a bond there now. I look forward to going back to Mexico for years to come, in order to help, even if my  tasks are petty.

Oh, and I also drank some of the water there, by accident, and got sick! My advice to you: DON’T DRINK THE WATER!

So, that was like, an annoyingly long, ranting blog. My apologies, I just wanted details in there. I also realize it was a tad cliche or cheesy, sorry.

Song of the week:
Kids In Love – Red Car Wire 

Well, That’s Just Maddening!

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It’s that time again — time for a new blog. 

This time around we were asked to write a blog about something that makes us really mad. There are so many things in the world that make me angry, so, it’s hard to choose something to write about. 

Music, music, music. Music is an important part of most people’s lives. It’s a way of expression, it’s a stress reliever, it’s everything. Personally, I’m not a fan of country, but I don’t think that it’s “bad music” or “sucky music”.

I absolutely hate when I hear someone saying that someone else’s style of music “sucks”. In my opinion, no type of music can suck! Just because you don’t appreciate it, doesn’t mean that it’s of less quality than the music you listen to. The music may be different than what you enjoy, but it’s a way of expression none the less. 

Instead of criticizing  what other people listen to, why don’t you try to see it through their perspective. I’ve come to find that if you look at someone else’s taste through different eyes you’ll see that the underlined feeling you recieve from the experience is one in the same. I mean this like: to country music listeners, country music makes them feel joy (typically). The same feeling goes for people who listen to death-core. They might feel a sense of joy when listening to death-core.

I’m not quite sure if this blog makes sense, it made sense in my head, just hard to put it down in words. Ha ha. 

“Stay ” by The Temptations

WIRED Article: Design Restraints!

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For this blog, number five, we were to read an assigned article from WIRED magazine.  Then we were to choose one of the quote that were on the assignment sheet to analyze. 

I chose the quote:

“In fact, the worst thing a designer can hear is an offhand ‘Just do whatever you want.’ “

In my opinion, I think that this quote means that just because you’re told that you can do whatever you like, doesn’t mean that you should, or that it is better to do what you want rather than what is simple. In order for a magazine to look professional, simpler is better. 

Although doing whatever you want will probably look cool or appealing to you, doesn’t mean that everyone’s feelings will be mutual. If ‘cool’ in your mind is something that is incredibly busy with colors, shapes and different fonts, then there is a big chance that other people hate it. 

This quote is indirectly suggesting that you make boundaries, or constraints for your magazine. Nothing TOO incredibly busy or extreme, just simple yet attractice.

My life as told by a single photograph.

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Taken by Erin DeConcini

Taken by Erin DeConcini

The photo above was a photo that I took at the end of Spring 2008. At the moment I believe this photo represents my life. I know this might sound strange, but I honestly think it does.

Although I might not necessarily portray it, I have had a shaky past. You might be thinking, “what does having a shaky past have anything to do with this flower picture?” Well, if you notice, in the background of the picture, it’s blurry.  This represents my life now because I have tried to blur out that shaky past of mine.  The pink flower represents how my life has started to blossom out into something great and beautiful.

I have begun to realize that my life can be better if I believe it will be.

Weekly Song Recommendation: 

“Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation